• Mike Orsini

Unlock Your Potential

This cabinet with all of the jars is like some of our lives. The jars hold contents that are important to us. However, some of us live our lives and never enjoy the contents we possess in these jars. We just look at the wall of jars, think about them, dream about them, but never actually open them in order to use them and enjoy their contents.

Why don't we open the jars in our lives? Whatever the driving force it doesn't matter. Our goal for our lives should be to unleash the potential that we keep bottled inside and share it with the world because not only will the unleashed contents add beauty and greatness to our lives, they will also positively impact others lives because they will be able to observe our passion and the gifts that we have to share with the world.

Start opening your jar(s). You don't necessarily have to whip the top off. Even just opening it a crack is taking a step towards enjoying the gifts and abilities that we possess. Only by opening these jars do we full unlock all that is stored within us waiting and wanting to come alive and be shared. Within these jars lays our happiness, our passion, our dreams, our abilities. We only have one life to live and keeping these things bottled up would be a waste, just as it would to keep physical objects bottled up on display and never opening up the jar to enjoy the contents.

Unleash your potential... Strive To Optimize!

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