• Mike Orsini

Lip Service = No Service

You're an employee selling empty promises while trying to just make the sale.

You're a manager telling your superior what they want to hear.

You're a large corporation who supposedly stands for certain things but the message gets lost so far up the chain your employees wonder how the company can even claim they stand for that.

Lip service is the worst service. Lip service equates to no service. It equates to a quick sale or a quick 'solution'. Whether it's from an employee to a client or employee to employee, if you aren't speaking the truth and acting in line with the values of the business you work for then you are undermining everything that the company stands for and potentially everything you stand for.

I wonder how prevalent this is. There are customers who put each other and their clients/customers first most, if not all, of the time. For the businesses is that do succeed not only do they have the right leadership and visionary but they also have the right people in the right positions who hold themselves and each other accountable to their responsibilities within the organization.

We need to ensure we are providing full service and not just 'lip service'.

As Always, In Life And Business We Are Here To Strive To Optimize!


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