• Mike Orsini

The Iceberg Of Success

Roughly 92% of an iceberg is below water. That means we only see roughly 8% of an iceberg when we are looking at it. Success so similar to an iceberg.

Let me explain... When we think of success what do we think about? We might think about the life we get to lead when we become successful. For example, the money we will have, the house or houses we will have, the cars we will have, the vacations we will have, etc. We imagine all of the things that come with success. Except this understanding of success is only the 'tip of the iceberg'. These aspects represent roughly 5% or less of what success actually is. This is a romantic notion of success that we 'fall in love' with and fantasize about. We all want those things or we want to be like the successful people who have those things.

However, what we do not see or focus on, which is everything beneath the surface of the water or the image that we have of success is... the hard work, determination, perseverance, long hours, challenges, obstacles, difficulties, how much we have to practice, how much we have to learn, etc. that actually allows our image (or what's above the surface) of success to come to fruition. For most of us, we would rather romanticize or fantasize about the idea of success and not actually do what is required to get there.

This is why it is so important to become or stay connected with our true passions in life. If we are going to work hard, face challenges, persevere, work long hours, have difficulties, etc. it might as well be with something and on something that we actually love and care about. When we remain connected to our passions we stay true to ourselves and our abilities, skills, strengths, gifts, talents, etc. and it makes everything 'below the surface' worthwhile because we believe so deeply in what we are doing.

What is your idea of what success looks like? How can you become more connected to everything 'below the surface' that will help you feel more successful and achieve greater success in all aspects of your life.

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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