• Mike Orsini

Nurturing Greatness!

Yes! You have that power! You have that power to nurture it within yourself AND you have that power to nurture it within others!

Here's a story of how it does not work. Someone told me that when they were playing hockey at a high level when they were younger they were so passionate about playing. They remembered one of their parents tellings them, 'yeah, that's great (that you love hockey), but what are you actually going to do for work?'

A comment like this will destroy someone's self-esteem and confidence especially because it is coming from someone whom we look to for unconditional love and support. What would have happened to the Wayne Gretzkys, Sidney Crosbys, Conor McDavids, etc. if they didn't have that unconditional support behind their passions and their dreams. The support they received allowed them to internalize it themselves, meaning they were able to see their talents, felt the support they had and then believe more firmly and strongly in their gifts, abilities, skills, and talents and go after what they wanted most!

Lesson: if you have a relationship with someone which is supposedly founded on unconditional love and support make sure you actually abide by this! Make sure you are supportive. Make sure you are nurturing. Make sure you do these things because the other person is only trying to 'figure themselves out'. If we do not help them during this process then they will struggle with being connected to their purpose and their passion and therefore have more difficultly in finding satisfaction in life because they will always doubt their passions and their abilities to follow through with what they absolutely love.

These words are important for anyone and everyone but especially for relationships that should be founded on unconditional love and support. Examples of these types of relationships may (and SHOULD) include parents with their children, teachers with their students, managers with their employees, coaches with their athletes, and so forth.

Let's strive to be more supportive, more positive, more encouraging, more nurturing so that we can all find the greatness that we possess inside of ourselves!

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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