• Mike Orsini

Your Career: A Marathon Story

I recently met someone who decided for quit his job at a restaurant to embark on a journey and live out his passion. He is now a professional break-dancer and will be competing internationally. I love meeting anyone who is doing what they absolutely love so congratulations to him.

This story reminds me of people who I know, have met, and the hundreds and thousands of you out there who are not living your passion or who are not necessarily happy or satisfied with the career/role they are currently in. I know people who are actually embarrassed of the job they have and the length of time they have been there! How terrible!

Our job and career should be a source of pride and bring us a certain level of satisfaction and fulfillment. If we are not currently in our dream job we should have a plan of achieving that which we want. We dedicate such a large portion of our time, energy and, therefore, life to our jobs so we should be getting something out of it!

I absolutely love endurance events such as marathons and triathlons so here's my analogy. Being embarrassed about your job, the length of time you have been there and taking no pride in your work is like signing up for a marathon. It's like signing up for a marathon and finishing the race and feeling no sense of accomplishment, pride or satisfaction for having completed the race. The point is that we wouldn't sign up for a marathon unless we were going to feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction! So why do we stay in careers or make other life choices where the result is no sense of accomplishment, pride or satisfaction!?

Our options are:

1. Find a way to introduce something into our current place of work so that we feel a sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction.


2. Look for another job that is going to give us the satisfaction that we are looking for in our career and our life.

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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