• Mike Orsini

Our Empty Promises

What are the promises that we make to ourselves that we do not end up following through on? How many times do we make those same promises to ourselves before we ever (IF we ever) follow through on them?

I think making promises to ourselves (like new years resolutions, losing weight, changing careers) can make us 'feel good' about the 'possibility' of achieving something that we want for ourselves even though we may have no intention of actually following through on it.

I think this is an interesting concept for us to consider. Why do we make promises to ourselves if we are not actually committed to following through. There must be some kind of positive reaction in our minds that this hope of possibility gives to us. Hence, we keep making the promises to feel that sense of hope over and over again and end up getting lost in a cycle of unfulfilled and empty promises.

Let us be more consciously aware of the promises that we make to ourselves and discover our true intentions as to whether or not we actually intend to follow through on them. If we do intend to embark on a certain journey in our lives we must be ready to do what is necessary to ensure we begin down that path towards the change we seek.

We must give ourselves a plan to turn our promises into reality.

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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