• Mike Orsini

The Director & The Star

If someone was to make a movie about our lives what would that look like? Would it be an inspiring story? Would it be uplifting? Would it be tragic? Would it be dramatic? What kind of genre would the movie of our life be?

If there was a trailer made about the movie of our life would it make people want to go and see the movie? Would YOU want to go and see the movie?

In the movie of our lives where would we currently be? Would we be at the beginning of our journey and still trying to figure things out? Would we be going through challenges while working toward achieving our goals? Or, would we have reached a point of success and satisfaction in our lives?

Wherever we are in the journey of life and in the movie of our lives there are some key things to remember! WE are the DIRECTOR and the STAR of the movie of our lives. We direct where the movie of our life is going to go and we play the starring role in that journey. We have the choice, the power, and the ability (although we do not always believe in our ability) to do all of these things!

So, believe, choose, and allow yourself to take action to create a movie of your life that you would want to go and see and be proud to see!

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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