• Mike Orsini

The Overuse of Checklists?

There are countless posts out there with checklists of information related to particular topics. I have even done some myself. Do people find these useful? I mean, once they are done reading the information they have read are they implementing these checklists in their lives or businesses? What percentage of people actually do this? And, what percentage of people just read the information, nod their head in agreement, and move on?

I guess, in the end, whether we take the checklists of valuable information and implement the whole thing, a couple of things, or nothing is entirely dependent on what the person is looking to get out of the information being provided.

I think another reason why people like checklists is being it give people specific items to pay attention to and skills, abilities, knowledge, or steps within each of those larger checklist items. Breaking things down is valuable in understanding the whole, in general, or in how to apply it in your life.

Are checklists overused? I don't think so, I think they are a valuable way to disseminate information to people who are looking to learn about a particular topic.

If we are people who love checklists do we actually implement the steps outlined in the checklists? Or, how long do we implement them before we forget about them?

Regardless, with any information that we consume we are always going to take some and leave some or leave all of it. I guess it also comes down to which items or steps are most relevant to our lives in terms of what we are trying to accomplish for our lives or businesses.

So, keep writing those checklists. Keep reading those checklists. It is all a process toward improving our lives and businesses.

As Always, Strive To Optimize!


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