• Mike Orsini

The Gap Between Knowledge and Action

This is an extremely interesting concept. We know so much yet it is not enough to get us to take action. Why does this gap exist? What holds us back? What holds you back? For each person it will be something different. There is no singular solution, otherwise we would have all already achieved it. Each person is so uniquely complex and so what holds one person back will differ slightly than another person.

Are there commonalities to what hold each of us back? If so, what are they? Fear could be a term to describe what holds us back but it is a generalized term that does not describe our actual experience. It is a 'blanket' term that we may use to describe our feelings or inaction but using a term like this does not even begin to 'scratch the surface'. It is the things beneath the surface that we need to uncover in order to discover that which is actually holding us back.

Whether it is wanting to make a career change, starting a new business, losing weight, or beginning to exercise we put all of these off. Sometimes there needs to be a catalyst to trigger us actually to do something. For example, maybe we end up getting fired and that acts as the catalyst or

springboard toward a new career path. It could also be a heart attack that catalyzes our journey toward exercise and a better diet.

If we choose to wait we will continually react to and fall victim to life. We will feel powerless to our circumstances. People who achieve the results they want to in their career, their business, their relationships, their health, or whatever it is they strive toward take the action. It does not mean that it is easy for them. However, they choose to go after the result they want because that is the most important thing. They choose to go after it when it is easy, when it is difficult, or whatever the circumstances.

What is going to help you bridge the gap between knowledge and action? In the end you have to decide on what you want to achieve and it's importance. If you are not there yet in terms of understanding what you want to achieve you need to take a look at the actions that you are currently taking and the results that you are going to get from taking those actions. You are working toward some 'end', you should know what it is shouldn't you? If not then you should definitely find out what it is. If it is not something that you want, you are the only person who can change it.

Life Is A Journey So, As Always, We Should Be Striving To Optimize Everything That We Do!


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