• Mike Orsini

Our Collective Insanity

Recently, while out in the community I have overheard some truly disempowering words. I use the word disempowering because I really do not know what else to call it. You can judge it for yourself.

On one occasion I heard a small group of people, approximately in their 60s, discussing the medications they were on to maintain their health. In their conversation one person mentioned that they had tried many many 'health drugs' but hadn't succeeded in being able to find a combination that worked for their condition and so decided to get a pacemaker. How often does this happen? How often do we use drugs to alleviate our suffering and I'm not just talking about prescription drugs and I'm not just talking about physical suffering? You see, I think the word disempowering is well-suited to this discussion because to turn to these alternatives we must unconsciously assume that we have no ability to alter the course of our health or we consciously choose to continue to lead the lives that got us into these health crises in the first place because we do not want to change.

Wow! In the first scenario we do not believe we have the ability to alter the course of our health. What a terrible feeling to have! To have no hope in the power that we have to affect change for our lives.

The second scenario we actually choose to continue to lead the life that will get us into health-related trouble in the future. To go along with this idea I have another example of someone's experience that I recently overheard. The person was discussing how retirement was a few years away, after having already putting decades of their life into this job. The second person commented on how retirement isn't far away right now so that's something good to look forward to. The first person says, 'yeah, if I make it there'.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this person knows that based on their current lifestyle and health there may be a chance (no matter how small) that they might not make it to see retirement but are not going to change anything that is within their control.

How do we care so little in altering the course of our lives? How do we fail to see the POWER that we have to change the course of our lives? What prevents us from doing those things that will physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually benefit ourselves?

I was speaking with someone the other day who was celebrating because their blood pressure was in the 160s so their doctor prescribed them the max dose of blood pressure medication and when they visited their doctor again their blood pressure was in the 130s. This person was really happy about this! But I was left thinking, 'yes, but you drink and smoke and are not very physically active and how do these impact blood pressure'? What is going to happen the next time your blood pressure rises? There is no more room to go with the medication so then what?

Are we living longer due to the scientific advances that are just chemically enabling us to live longer when we should not be based on our lifestyles?

What do we do with this information? It saddens apart of me, however, I choose to have hope for myself and others. I choose to live and lead a lifestyle whereby I treat my body, mind, and spirit, as the precious gift that it is.

What will you choose? Because remember, it is a choice.

As always, we are here in life to Strive To Optimize our mind, body, spirit and therefore, our life and lifestyle. Always keep that in mind and remember the sooner we start the better.


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