• Mike Orsini

The Path To Success

The fact of the matter is that there is not one. How could there be? Each of us is a unique individual, therefore, there could never be one path to achieve success. Success is as unique is each individual. We need to discover, for ourselves, how we define it in order to achieve it. It is important that we do define what success means to us so that we know what we are striving toward in life.

One thing is for sure is there is no prescription for it. There is no pill or shortcut that we could take that will get us there any faster. Success is a journey; it is life's journey.

Anyone who shares there ideas for finding yourself or success are meant for us to learn and adapt it to our own lives. We can't learn more about life without learning more about ourselves. We are not separate from life and life is not separate from us.

Those of us who do find success, as defined by each individual person, know the importance of lifelong learning. As I have previously mentioned, there is no endpoint toward which we are striving. Therefore, life is a journey on which we are continually learning. We are learning about ourselves, the people around us, the people in the world, and the world itself and all of its magnificence.

So, get out there. Grow, learn, love, give and continue to repeat.

Oh ya... and enjoy it.

As Always, life is a journey in which we are always Striving To Optimize!


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