• Mike Orsini

Best Advice I Have Ever Heard

This piece of advice is literally the best I have ever heard. The first time I heard it was about four years ago in an interview and it was in relation to nutrition. The person was saying that the way to improve your nutrition or diet was by adding to your diet. I thought this was an incredible concept and an absolutely simple concept too. (Sometimes the most profound things can be the simplest).

Let's dive deeper into this idea first in relation to nutrition. Our mindset when trying to 'get healthier' or improve our diet is on what to avoid, 'cut out', restricting, stopping, etc. These are all negative mindsets to have. They create a struggle within our mind because we're basically preventing ourselves from enjoying something that we love! We are depriving ourselves, creating resistance, and making our lives a constant battle to overcome 'our cravings' or the things we love.

Okay, so what's the better way? It's about creating the lifestyle that we want for ourselves by adding to it! This seems so simple but it creates and develops a positive outlook and mindset for ourselves because we are not depriving ourselves and instead working on building, developing, and adding positive lifestyle habits in order to create the lifestyle that we would be happier living. So instead of avoiding, stopping, cutting out, or restricting intake of certain items we would be looking to add things like exercise, going for a walk, eating fresh fruits and vegetables. BY ADDING to our lives we don't create a struggle and we end up crowding out those habits that are preventing us from living and leading the lives that we want for ourselves.

This idea of crowding out is key and it's done simply by adding positive lifestyle habits.

So next time you are looking at making change in your life or your business, think about things that need to be added to create the change instead of on the things that you need to avoid or stop doing.

As always, Strive To Optimize


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