• Mike Orsini

Late Bloomer?

With spring in the air I thought it was a great time to start talking about blooming. When is the right time for flowers and trees to spring forth with buds full of life? Each flower and tree has it’s own timeline and it will ‘spring’ to life when it is the right time.

So too is the life of humans. However, humans have an advantage compared to flowers and trees. Humans can spring into life at any moment they choose! For us, we don’t need there to be a specific temperature, a specific time, a specific season, or a specific age. We can come into our own, whenever we decide, commit, and take action towards achieving what we want to in life.

In addition, there is no such thing as a late bloomer. Whatever has transpired for a person before the point in their life where the circumstances become ‘right’ for the person to bloom are inconsequential once the person finally comes into full bloom. The world and the universe will celebrate their arrival at finding themselves and taking the next step in aligning their gifts, their abilities, their skills, their strengths with their purpose in life.

As always, Strive To Optimize!


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