• Mike Orsini

Journey To Success: Part 3 - Reconnect

This is the action phase. This is about reconnecting your ideas, that you've translated into steps, with your future self by taking action now. Said another way, this is about making your hopes, dreams, and wishes a reality.

1. Action. To get anywhere in life you have to take action. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, not when the 'time is right'; NOW, right now! Things don't magically happen without making a concerted effort to make it happen.

2. Patience. Patience is so key because we are going to want things to happen immediately but things most likely won't change drastically over night and there may, at times, be set backs. We need to be patient with either scenario because both are likely realities.

3. Determination. To help us with our action and patience we need to be determined. We need to have our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits focused on the goals we are working toward attaining.

4. Pushing past barriers. We are going to face barriers and a lot of them may seem external but most of them, in reality, are internal barriers that we've imposed on ourselves. You've undoubtedly heard the saying, 'if there's a will, there's a way'. Well be need to be willing to problem solve if unexpectedly events arise and we need to be able to adapt to our every changing realities.

5. The Cycle. The last 3 posts (including this one) have focused on 3 ideas; reflecting, realigning, and reconnecting. This is not a linear process. This is a cycle and as mention in #4 we have to be ready and willing to adapt to our every changing realities. It is the only way to succeed. This will involve ongoing reflection AND ongoing realignment of our plan AND ongoing reconnecting through action. 'The Cycle' is about checking ourselves and our progress to see where we stand and what ways we need to adapt our plan and our action. We also need to check our progress towards our goals and 'The Cycle' will help us with this.

As always, our goal is to Strive to Optimize!

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