• Mike Orsini

Analogies for Success, Life, & Leadership

Life's choice. Do you choose life or does life choose you? One of these views is empowering. Have we chosen the most empowering view for our lives?

The views expressed herein are neither right nor wrong; they simply represent the view as I see life in this moment. One thing I have learned in life is that, like everything, ideas, views, perspectives must remain open to the expanse that is life. Fixating on an idea or view is like building a dam in a river valley. When we believe in our views so strongly we want to prevent anything and everything from changing our perspective, or, in this case, water from reaching downstream. What we will find, however, is that building this dam requires constant attention and rebuilding to strengthen it. Others will express their views, we will read and see other views that oppose our own and so we have two choices. We either strengthen our 'dam', our view and believe it more strongly, or we let are dam open and remain open to the infinite possibility of any and all ideas.

So, in light of ensuring I have no dam upon which my ideas are fixed, the writings that follow may seem to contradict one another at times. These writings are simply reflections of life and my time in it as I hope to remain open to the vastness of life and the days that continue to change.

It is my intent, from these writings, that they may provoke thought, reflection, inspiration, and motivation for finding our way through the journey of life.

Life is a journey in which our living we should hope to Strive To Optimize every aspect of our life.

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