• Mike Orsini

A 'Little' Seed

Having an idea for something that you absolutely love and doing nothing with it is like having a seed of your absolute favourite fruit or vegetable and not planting it in your garden at home because you're afraid it won't grow or be what you hope it to be or look like you expect it to look.

If you told this to your friend (who knew how absolutely passionate you were about this fruit or vegetable) you weren't going to plant this seed because you were afraid they'd tell you that you were nuts! They'd say,

'What a minute. You absolute LOOOOOVVVEEEEE ___________ (insert fruit or vegetable here). You're not going to plant to seed because it might not grow???? That's crazy!!!'

Don't NOT plant your seed!!

Now I'm sure most of you have something that you love or love doing or even someone that you love. Do you wish you didn't have these things or people in your life? Do you wish they never happened? If you do then it or they is probably not something that you love.

You've heard the saying, 'Hindsight is always 20/20'... ???

You've probably had to go through difficulties to get where you are today with that something or someone that you love. You weren't afraid to 'plant that seed' in those circumstances (and if you were you overcame it!!). I think everyone is stronger than they give themselves credit for. We're plagued by the 'what ifs' in life. This view is drenched in fear. We need to pay more attention to the 'why nots' in life. We just need to plant our seeds and go for it. Whether it was changing a job (or bad habit), a relationship, having a child, starting your business, creating your own art, competing in an event/challenge these are the moments that have changed us. These are the moments that define our character; that reveal the true essence of who we are.

Two years ago, I was inspired to complete a triathlon. Having an aversion to swimming was a problem though. I had always hated seeing the bottom of the lake when I was swimming (a big problem if you want to complete a triathlon). I hadn't swam in over a decade and I had never jumped into pool (just for the heck of it) to swim lengths, which was something I was going to have to do A LOT of if I wanted to complete a triathlon. Guess what? I took my seed and pushed the 'what ifs' aside and I focused on the 'why nots' and I jumped in. Did I struggle? Boy did I ever!! I've been physically active my whole life but swimming is a challenge on its' own!! I went back and I swam more, day after day, week after week, month after month. A month after I started swimming the pool I was using had a pipe burst and it was going to be out of commission for a long time (took almost 2 years to fix!!!). Other arrangements were made at another local pool and I kept swimming. Oh ya, and I guess I had to starting running and biking too!! (which I did). In May 2015 I ran my 1st marathon in just over 3 hrs and 17 mins. In August of 2015 I completed my first triathlon and the swim.... a complete struggle!!! I had never completed an open water swim in my life and I had to do 500m of it!!! I swam most of it with my head up, which, as you swimmers know out there, is a HUGE no-no and certainly doesn't make things easier. I finished my first sprint triathlon and came in 6th. No there weren't 6 people competing. There were actually 106!! Better yet I finished 3rd in my age group meaning I got a medal and I won 'Rookie of the Year' for best finish for a newbie!! Needless to say I was ecstatic! I wanted more!!


You have an idea for yourself or a business or anything! Have you planted your seed? If not, why are you waiting? NOBODY is going to drag you 'into gear' to get started. YOU NEED TO DO IT! In addition, having an idea is not the same as planting a seed. For an idea to take form you must take action just as if you plant a seed you can't expect it to grow by throwing it in a flower pot and putting it in the closet.

As they say before a race, 'On your marks, Get SET, .... GOOOOOO!!!!!!'

As always, Strive To Optimize!

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