• Mike Orsini

Journey To Success: Part 2 - Realign

Okay, so you've reflected, you've asked questions, and you've done your best to withhold judgement and remain open-minded through the process. So what's next? Now is the time to realign.

1. Prioritize. What's next for you? You've figured out where you are, now, how are you going to get to where you want to be? Set aside some time to plan out your next steps, your goals. They don'e necessarily have to be extremely detailed. Save that for later. Just get your ideas down. What are areas of your life (professional or personal) that you want to work on, improve on, and change?

2. Break it down. Now's the time to get detailed. Be patient through the process. Break the ideas and goals you've decided on in #1 into smaller and more manageable chunks from which you can work toward to accomplish what you want to for your life.

3. Set Timelines. Give yourself some timelines. A goal isn't a goal if it's indefinite. You have to be working towards some end.

Realigning is about setting out the path that you are going to take, not the path you hope to take, or wish to take. This is about detailing the direction you are going to follow moving forward in your life.

As always, our goal is to Strive to Optimize!

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