• Mike Orsini

Journey To Success: Part 1 - Reflection

There are 3Rs to starting your journey to leading your life. Reflection is the first R.

To begin your journey or to change your direction you first need to reflect. This means to think about where you are, what you've done, but it includes so much more. Two important parts to reflection are: questions AND withholding judgments.

Questions: They are so important in life and in leadership. You have to be able to reflect and ask questions about how things have going and in order to determine where you want to go. Questions can help you see the path ahead to where you want to end up. It's also important to reflect on yourself and the skills and abilities that you possess and that are going to be essential in helping you move forward to achieving everything that you want.

Withholding Judgement: This is important because you'll be asking questions and reflecting on your experiences as to where you are. You need to look critically and honestly at things but look at things objectively. Don't focus on what could have been or be hard on yourself for what was, instead, focus on the path and journey ahead and the steps that you need to take to get there. Being opened-minded is key and another way of saying 'withholding judgement'

To summarize the first R (Reflection) of beginning your journey and leading yourself to where you want to go in life:

1 - Reflect and ask questions.

2 - Withhold judgement. Look at things critically and honestly but be objective and focus on the path and steps needed to your personalized future.

As always, our goal is to Strive to Optimize!

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