• Mike Orsini

The Anchors Of Our Past

Humans are ships and events from our past can become our anchors. Now, how fast will your ship go if it is carrying countless anchors; dragging them behind your ship in the sea. How far would you get and how quickly would you get there? If you were to look down at the ocean from your ship with all of the anchors dragging behind you, it may seem like you're getting somewhere as the waves continually rush by. However, if you looked up you'd realize that it's not you and your ship that is moving and that you were in the same place at the end as you had started.

Letting go of the burdens (or anchors) of our past doesn't mean we forget about them but that we leave them in the past where they belong so that we can continue to move forward.

Imagine that attached to our anchors are long chains and at the other end of the chains are buoys. When we let the anchors out the buoys act as markers in the ocean as to where we have been in the past: they mark our journey through the sea. We can look back at any time to see the course our ship has taken. However, we want to make sure that we continually move forward and away from them in a direction that we choose.

Holding onto our anchors can be very burdensome and it can make life difficult for ourselves. More difficult than it has to be if we were to simply release the anchor from our ship into the ocean so that we can forge ahead on our journey.

Some of our life events have the potential to negatively impact one, some, or all areas of our lives depending on how great of an impact a particular event had on our lives. Releasing these events from ourselves so that we can continue to move forward does not mean that we forget about them. They have become apart of us and changed our journey through life. By releasing them we are acknowledging them and understand their importance but also the importance of letting them go. If we don't then our anchors are going to be what defines our lives and where we go with our lives. They will affect where we go in life and to some extent even determine where we go in life. However, to remain the captain of our ship, free from burdens, we must release them so that we can continue on our journey through life and be able to enjoy all that it has to offer.

As always, Strive To Optimize.

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