• Mike Orsini

Life Is Like Cooking

In cooking, you take different ingredients and styles and create something that others are going to enjoy and that you enjoy making. For your life today, what ingredients did you use? More importantly what were you working towards or what was your goal for the day. Said another way, what was the recipe or dish you were trying to create? If you don't know before the day begins or at least first thing in the morning then how are you going to know where to start and what ingredients or tasks you're going to need in order to complete the 'dish of your day' and of your life?!!

When cooking, every single step you take is absolutely essential and necessary not just for the dish to take its proper shape but the order and technique in which you complete it is also just as important. You can't nonchalantly say, 'I'm just going to throw in some sugar here, some ginger there, some basil there, etc'. Your dish would turn out a mess! You have to know what you're making.

One possible exception is if you're already an expert chef and you can improvise with the day, the routine, the ingredients you have. However, even the experts still have a plan and execute it. For everyone else who isn't an expert or trying a new dish or attempting to go in a new direction in their lives, they better have a plan! You have to either follow a recipe for success or amalgamate several to suit your needs and the direction you want to take in life.

Is the dish you serve today for your life something you'd be proud of? Is it part of your big picture and where you want to be or get to in your life.

Let's say several people are given the chance to cook with all the same ingredients and told to make whatever they like. Each person will most likely make something different. They will transform the ingredients into something that resonates with them and something they find delicious.

Life and each day is just like this. We all have the same seconds, minutes, and hours, the key is... How are you going to utilize that time you have, along with your skills and abilities and transform it into something incredible and something that you would be proud of.... for YOU!!

As always, Strive To Optimize!

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