• Mike Orsini

Rethinking Leadership

The theme these past few weeks has been leadership but it's been about rethinking it. This is a conclusion to the posts I've made this week.

November 13 - Question: Are You A Leader?

November 20 - Leading With Conscious Intent

November 27 - Follow Through

When we think about leadership we think about others, how they lead their businesses, how our leaders lead us and manage us and supervise us, etc. We need to rethink how we think about leadership as not something others do to or for us but how we ourselves ARE LEADERS. That the choices that we make each day affect our own 'bottom line'. In addition, we, as leaders of our own lives, need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and choices and be responsible in the decisions that we make and the implications that they have for OUR lives (but also for the other people and or businesses we are constantly interacting with).

We need to take ownership, make commitments, follow through WITH action, and we need to be able to stand confidently by our decisions and choices.

We're here to improve, our lives and the lives of others. We need to be at our best and doing our best.

We need to find ways to help ourselves stay motivated and inspired because that's what great leaders do and that's exactly what we need to be for ourselves. We need to be our own biggest fan that always stands up for ourselves, believes in ourselves, is ready to make decisions and take action. We are the CEOs of our lives and we're each writing our own autobiography! Make sure it's something you would want to read!

As always, we are here Striving To Optimize!

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