• Mike Orsini

Internal vs. External

External circumstances can make things really confusing. Confusing for what?...

We all have internal drives, passions, visions, strengths, etc. This is your core. The core of who you are, want to be, and (hopefully) strive to be. I think one of the difficulties that people have in life and in business is that there is a disconnect between our internal core and our external circumstances. This is absolutely key.

The separation or disconnect between our internal and external is where we find our fear, our excuses, and our reasons for why things are the way they are and not the way he want or hope them to be.

Linking the internal and external is not a simply task, however, the only real way to connect the divide between internal and external is through action and patience. When we begin our journey in making this connection, patience is absolutely key. Without it we will become discouraged by the process of actually making our internal desires come to fruition in our external circumstances.

Take action, be patient, stay the course, STYC (Stick To Your Core) to who you are, and....

Strive to Optimize!

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