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More Questions?...

In life, it seems, we're all looking for answers to various questions that we ask out loud and in our thoughts (in our hopes and wishes for the future). To me, answers imply that there is some kind of endpoint that we're seeking to find. That if we were somehow able to attain a certain answer then we would know what to do, how to feel, that we would be okay, etc.

Why do I like questions and why do I find them to be so important?

Questions allow for endless possibility. Answers can seem somewhat definitive. 'Answering' questions with more questions is like peeling back the layers of an onion that somehow has an infinite number of layers. You can keep asking questions to discover more perspectives, more insights, and more possibilities. By asking questions you may be inspired to ACT because you realize the inconsistencies in your thoughts, feelings, experiences and want something different for yourself and your life.

There are checklists for getting a better job, putting together a better resume, losing weight, working out, managing your time, improving your relationship, etc. Checklists are great, however, you can think of them as 'answers' to areas that you'd like to improve in your life. Firstly, checklists are NOT endpoints; they are starting points for making changes that you'd like to see in your life! The next step is actually taking action! In my opinion, the best part about checklists is the questions they stir up within you in terms of how your current situation compares with the one presented in the checklist. Checklists can and do contain great information and strategies. However, even if you were to start changing your life by following a checklist word-for-word, over time you would most likely have to make adjustments according to what works best for you. Why would this occur? Whether conscious of it or not you were reflecting on or asking questions about the process and how it fits in with your life and the goals and vision you have for yourself.


Checklists or not asking questions and reflecting on your experience is essential.

There are TWO parts to this that are inextricably linked: ACTION AND REFLECTION.

In order to make any kind of change in your life you absolutely must be asking questions (reflection) AND taking action.

Life is not about finding an answer, an endpoint, or perfection. Life is a series of events and experiences through which we reflect on and discover ways to continually progress, learn, and optimize our lives.

As always, Strive To Optimize!

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