• Mike Orsini

Annnnddd... Action!

I read a great article about entrepreneurs the other day and how they view setbacks as opportunities. I'd like to take that idea/perspective a little further. You don't necessarily have to label certain experiences as 'setbacks'. View life as an opportunity and don't necessarily judge what happens on your journey as good or bad but part of the necessity of the experience in fulfilling your dreams and your passions.

Another thing - Perfectionism

Yeah, I'm that kind of person. BUT if you wait for things to be perfect all the time you'll always and I mean ALWAYS be waiting! Been there done that! Forget about it! Just put yourself out there!


P.S. I am an expert 'wait-er' so I know what I'm talking about. I've waited waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to express myself. When you allow yourself to be you......all you can feel and say is... 'Damn it feels good to be me!'

What's one thing you could do today that you've been putting off. No matter how small. Go and do it now!

As always, Strive To Optimize!

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