• Mike Orsini

Paying The Price

I was watching a UFC fight the other day and in a preview of an upcoming fight they discussed one fighter having 'paid the price' and that the fighter was extremely confident that he was going to win the fight and eventually the belt for the division. He did win the fight and the interim belt for the division but the concept of 'paying the price' was what interested me.

What does this mean? To 'pay the price'? This idea is applicable to any and every aspect of our lives. In order to achieve something that we want to in our life we must pay the price. This means that we must put in the work and effort required to succeed in making our dreams a reality. In the case of the UFC fighter, he has the belief in himself and work ethic necessary to become the best in his weight class.

What kind of price do we have to pay? This depends on where we currently are and what our goals are for ourselves. Wherever we are and wherever we want to go there is work required to get where we need to go. Our determination, commitment, and (especially) patience will be keys to getting to that place.

Why patience? We can't get anywhere without it. Things take time. If we think of what the UFC fighter has had to endure to get to where he is, how many hours of training and fighting did he have to put in to become as great and as confident as he is? Undoubtedly a lot!

If we want to really get to some place we have to make that commitment to and for ourselves. We need to stop putting our dreams off and take action to do what needs to be done in order to get to where we want to go.

Reflect on your life currently. Can you pick out times you've put in the work necessary to get something done or get somewhere? In these circumstances you've already proven to yourself you can turn ideas into reality.

What other dreams/ideas are you putting off? Why? If they're really important to you work will be required to get there. What price are you willing to pay for getting to where you want to go?

As always, Strive To Optimize!

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